Announcing Morio: Your Comprehensive Observability Solution

By Serge Tellene and Joost de Cock , on

Today we are delighted to introduce Morio, an end-to-end streaming data backbone designed to meet your observability needs. Morio will simplify the setup and management of a robust observability infrastructure, leveraging top-tier open-source technologies.

Morio is currently early-access alpha code. We are building this in the open, so feel free to look around, try it out, and leave feedback.

With Morio, you will be able to effortlessly collect, analyse, and act on data from various endpoints, ensuring seamless data flow and comprehensive monitoring. Under the hood, Morio utilises:

  • RedPanda for its Kafka-compatible streaming API
  • Smallstep Step-CA for X.509 certificate provisioning and mTLS authentication
  • Beats and Logstash from Elastic for collecting/shipping and routing data respectively
  • and Traefik as the entrypoint proxy for all HTTP-based services.

While anyone with sufficient expertise, time, and dedication can build a state-of-the-art streaming data infrastructure out of these components, with Morio you won't have to. It is designed to be as user-friendly as it is powerful: you will be able to configure and manage your observability setup through an intuitive web UI or a comprehensive REST API. This appliance-like experience will make it easy for teams of all sizes to deploy and manage their observability infrastructure without extensive setup time or complexity.

Licensed under the European Union Public License (EUPL), Morio is built to ensure transparency, flexibility, and freedom in managing your data infrastructure. By contributing to Morio, you can help shape the future of observability tools and ensure that it meets the needs of a diverse range of users. We are pretty excited about it... and we hope that you will be, too!

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