Security Advisory 2023-023

Release Date:

Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Microsoft Message Queuing



  • 17/04/2023 --- v1.0 -- Initial publication


On April 11, 2023, Microsoft released a security update for a critical vulnerability in the Microsoft Message Queuing, commonly known as MSMQ [1]. This vulnerability is identified as CVE-2023-21554 (CVSS score of 9.8) and could allow unauthenticated attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code [2].

Technical Details

The CVE-2023-21554 vulnerability allows an unauthenticated attacker to potentially execute arbitrary code in the context of the Windows service process: mqsvc.exe. The attack vector uses the service port 1801/tcp [3].

Affected Products

MSMQ is provided as an optional Windows component and is still available on all Windows operating systems, including the latest Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 [2, 3].


CERT-EU strongly recommends applying the latest patches for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The vulnerability was patched in the April 2023 Security Updates [4].


You can prevent exploitation of this vulnerability by disabling MSMQ, a Windows component that can be turned off through the Control Panel. [2].

In addition, you may block the inbound connections for 1801/tcp from untrusted sources [3].


To detect potential exploitation attempts, CERT-EU recommends reviewing network connections on endpoints where the Microsoft Message Queuing service is running (port 1801/tcp) from unexpected sources, and then, reviewing the potential child processes of mqsvc.exe for suspicious events (e.g., mqsvc.exe executing cmd.exe or powershell.exe, among other binaries).






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